Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chest-Late for school

So today I wake up HELLA late and normally I would just say f*ck it and go back to sleep and skip the class. Not this time around, I'm a minute from a school and I still have 20 mins to shower, dress and eat. So that is exactly what I did! So proud of myself! I know, I know why be proud of something I'm supposed to do anyways? Well because I'm changing my behavior, which means I'm learning and evolving. lol
In any case, Stoner Josh came in late and he didn't look good and left a little bit later, he felt queasy. He also got a new Droid phone so we were playing with that (instead of paying attention to class, I know!) was a cool phone. Hot New Guy sat down right on the other side of me so I guess that's his permanent seat now *sigh*. I don't know about him. I can't get a read on him and normally do. OMG I'm Edward and he's Bella! LOL! Today he did talk to me just one simple sentence but I think he was waiting for me to make the first initial contact, which he just did. He does have a hot body though, I like his chest. I'm sure it looks nothing like these but still nice indeed. So thank Hot New Guy for the inspiration for this post. ;) peace


  1. Time to start riding a bike again, I think :-)

    Glad school is going well. It's very different as an adult, isn't it? I warn you though, it can get addictive. I speak from experience...

  2. It is a challenge! So far so good though, I just need to chill on myself though, I've been kind of hard on me. Grades are great, but I set the expectations a bit high. Working on that. ;) peace