Thursday, September 23, 2010


So I went and sat in on the English night class, it went well. The instructor was funny and the class, well, they all looked at me like we did when Hot New Guy started, like what the hell are you doing here? My current Prof lectures and does hand outs, this night Prof used the book. I got it, they're a few chapters behind us but I still got it because of him using the book. Because my Prof lectures, I always take notes and sometimes you can lose stuff in the meaning of your notes or you didn't hear everything they said. So I feel I'm going to be okay if I start using my book more. I'm staying with my morning class and my peeps. This means I can be a zombie in class but it's up to me utilize my book on my time. So, more self involvement on my part, which I'm totally okay with. Also, no hot guys at all! Like not even cute! LOL but that's not the reason! Enjoy! ;) peace

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