Saturday, October 30, 2010

Annnnd, I'm back!!

Hello my friends! I had to shut down my other site because there was a risk of it being read by my hot tech teach and I wasn't too nice in my portrayal of him! lol So here we are, same format, a little darker because I think I'm going to need to be a bit edgier this year. School has become distracting with the small classes and seeing the SAME people day in and day out and knowing I will continue to see the same people for the next two years. My living situation will be changing in a couple months, so I'll need to be strong while I deal with that and school. So yeah, while I'm not for chaos, it just seems to be around me.

I figured for my first post on my new blog, it has to be Joseph Sayers. My first true blogger crush! Enjoy! ;) peace



  1. Yummy pics! It's good to see you back. *hugs*

  2. It's great to be back!! ;) peace

  3. Found ya!

    Not sure how a darker Leo will work out, but I'm along for the ride if you'll have me.

    Oh yes, the model. Noice! I have a feeling he's someone who will mature quite well too:-)

  4. @leccy These pics are a few years old, he has matured into a very handsome man. I'll have to look for newer pics! ;) peace