Thursday, October 21, 2010

BW Pics

Yes, finally the clouds are coming in and the weather is getting cooler! School is going good. I think Stoner Joshua dropped out :( and so did Pierced :(, Hottie is still there but I'm wondering if he does meth? lol Oh my life, love it. Looking for a new place to live because can't do the passive/aggressive thing with my housemate anymore but I'm cool with that. Probably back to a hotel until I graduate my first year, okay with that too. Life is good, hope everyone is doing well. ;) peace


  1. It's only just getting cooler?! OMG... that's so unfair, we've had ground frost thick enough to almost be snow for weeks! I seriously need to move too, hopefully to a small island South of England.....'going solo'......!!!!
    Love the pics too, very hot, so good when it's cold! :)

  2. This was like the longest summer ever! We were in the 90's last week, in the middle of October! ;) peace

  3. Why don't you ask Hottie if he does? lol

    Geez you don't have Stoner Josh's number yet what are you doing Leo?


  4. I hate to be picky, but that last one is just too Justin Bieber for comfort.

  5. @NS lol I do have his number, but he's not answering my texts. I think he got kicked out of his house. :( ;) peace

    @leccy I like how you look at the whole picture, I never noticed that until now! lol ;) peace