Sunday, October 31, 2010

Songs of Sunday

Awww, when I type in my title it no longer auto fills for me like it did in my other blog, which btw don't mention it because then it becomes search-able  and I don't want that. I guess I should have reviewed the Songs of Sunday playlist in my other YouTube account before I deleted it! LOL I'm so lost online now!

So tomorrow starts another week of school and frankly, I'm tired. I don't mind the school work or the fact it's finals week it's just the personalities that I have to deal with. Most of these kids are straight out of high school and I'm now realizing these people are in my classes for the next two years! Second year won't be too hard because it's at night but until May, I may have to hurt someone. It's hard to keep focused when you have these interpersonal relationships going on in every class. I mean I'm not at conflict with anyone but I dunno, it's just, do I really have to listen to Hottie talk about how smart he is or how long he played online poker, again? Or does Twinkie need to look for girls online in EVERY class, and I know he's not getting any so why? Why? I know, mind my own business right? Just don't talk to anyone, well it's too late for that because we've all been together for going on 12 weeks I'm stuck with these people. And they aren't bad people, I like them all (mostly) but it's just the same thing every day. I think that is what is bugging me, same thing week after week and nothing changes. As far as I know we won't get any new blood based on their enrollment process. So yup, *sigh* that's how it's going to be until May. So far it isn't affecting my studies, that's the most important thing.

Okay the original song/video I want to post, for some reason Blogger is not taking the HTML or I'm doing something wrong with "New Blogger" so let's go with a video I've posted before and I'm sure none of you will mind that I'm posting it again. ;)

Update: Okay I am having issues with this new blog! Here is the link if you haven't seen this hot video yet! Meanwhile I'll look at what's up with video embedding and I'll fix the hot shower guy video below, it's worth coming back to check out. :)


  1. Hon, emotional rollercoaster would fit this post. Hang in there. You just reached that point every student and teacher hits---you just need a break. Sometimes it can be grating being around the same people day in, day out without a break. Thanksgiving comes up soon. You can make it until then, and you'll get a few days off that you can hopefully use to recharge. I'll be sending good thoughts your way. *hugs*

  2. Thanks hon, I just gotta tough it out. I can't believe 12 weeks went by already! I'll just keep talking to the people I do talk and start ignoring the ones who bug me. Gotta keep it all about my studies! ;) peace