Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BW Pics

Finals! ugh! Tomorrow is my tech final and I'm somewhat prepared but probably could have spent more time on it. I don't know what happened this time around, I've been distracted, still doing well, but distracted. When it comes to my studies I need to have it black or white, studying great, or not at all! I think I'll do okay though. I'm just lucky our internet is working. Enjoy! ;) peace


  1. We need more legs! If you can't find any, just take lots of pics of your legs and put 'em on here, you won't hear me complaining :D

  2. Mmm:-)

    But admit it, you only posted the first one 'cause of the car?

  3. Sweetie, I've kept my fingers crossed for you today!

  4. @Sylvia lol, thanks!
    @leccy hey that's a classic!
    @eyre I got a B, but should still get an A out of the class! Thanks for thinking of me!