Friday, November 12, 2010

Darren Criss

Went to school and did my lab tonight. Saw Hot Tech Teach, ya know, he can really pull off purple. Haven't heard from Hottie and don't really think I will, he's probably coked out or something. Stoner Joshua drunk texted me a couple times this week, yeah fun times. A lot of studying to do this weekend, labs, homework. This week was a nice little break, but back to the grind!

So this dude singing is Darren Criss, he's hot and he can sing and he tears it up in this Glee number! Was going to wait until Sunday but I just couldn't. Teenage Dream-Glee sung by the Warblers and Blaine (his character!). ;) peace


  1. We must share the same mind! My next post is a Glee/Darren Criss post. He's a cutie. ;)