Friday, January 7, 2011


I dropped my morning class (do you see a pattern here? lol), I'll take it as a night class next term. I'm still not feeling school this term a 100% but it turns out, a lot of the other students feel the same way.

I bought a shirt but I wasn't sure I could pull it off. It's long sleeve and very form fitting (I'll try and post a pic later). I only bought it because it was on clearance and I need more long sleeve shirts, it's actually a cool looking shirt. Well I wore it this past week and got a lot of stares at my chest and compliments, it's now known as my Tron shirt! LOL More importantly, I was glad I could wear it and wear it well! So in honor of pulling off a risky fashion faux paux. I bring you chests. Enjoy! ;) peace


  1. I'm sure you look fabulous in everything you wear! ;)

  2. @eyre I have my days! Thanks! ;) peace