Friday, March 11, 2011

Famous People-Alex Pettyfer

On Fridays, I don't do anything school related. It's my one day of the week, that's mine. I don't crack a book, I don't look at my planner to see what's due, I don't check my's my day. I mostly spend it watching ridiculous TV shows on my laptop, or movies on my laptop, or when I can afford it...I'll go see a movie. Today I went and saw I AM Number Four. I loved this movie! The opening scene made me jump out of my seat like 3 times! Is it an Oscar winner, naw, but as a guy who likes movies where things blow up, it delivers! Plenty of eye candy, which brings me to Alex Pettyfer. I did not know he and Quinn (from Glee) were dating. Does anyone else get the feeling I've blogged him before? I feel like I may have, but I did a tag search, and nothing, oh well! Enjoy! ;) peace

Enjoy! ;) peace


  1. He's a cutie. I do want to see that movie and read the book.

    There are rumors that he may be Peeta in The Hunger Games. While he is a cutie, I don't know if I see him as Peeta.

  2. The third pic is YUMMY!!!! :) Thanks :)

  3. I love Alex Pettyfer. He is beatiful boy. He is sexi.

  4. @eyre I may have to read that.
    @sylvia hi you! I hope you are well!
    @marcelka11 Yes, he is hot!
    ;) peace