Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey Leo, I was sitting in class and suddenly found myself looking for eye candy. In the next second, I hit myself on the head and said: "Omg, Leooooooo!" lol. Now everywhere I go, I look. I blame you!!! Nav

LMAO! Sorry Nav, but it's true! I need eye candy and I only have Hottie at school and he's not even in any of my classes anymore! ;) peace

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  1. This still makes me laugh! lol ;) peace

  2. I know right, stick with the wrong people and you start to have bad habits, lol. I really truly was shell shocked when I realised what I was doing.I myself keep laughing at my own predicament. Nav

  3. What? Did you just call me the WRONG people? Nav!! :(

    ;) peace

  4. Lol, yer I did! Lolololololol. For habits like that, hehehehehe.

    But mate you are my type of right people, so don't worry, I was having just a bit of fun, hehehehe. Or I was drunk or something, not that I drink...

  5. @nav LOL, too cute! I'm a good kind of wrong. ;) peace