Sunday, March 20, 2011

Songs of Sunday

This weekend was not very productive for me study wise, I don't have anything due and tomorrow we start all new classes, well most all new. I'll have one that will go into this next term. I do have another cert to study for though, and I didn't really do that. I'm burnt out on tech stuff I think, but I have 2 weeks to get this cert taken! Plus the weather has sucked, and as my regular readers know, I shut down with no sun. I have no idea why I am picking this song today, maybe 'cause my first song was so fast. I like Billy Currington, and I like the car in this video, and I like how the song starts. Yup, that's what I'm going with. Hope everyone has a great week and please cross your fingers I get some eye candy this term! Every term Hottie gets new hot girls to check out and I get nothing! He actually likes the fact I don't get anyone to check out, selfish bastard! :p
;) peace

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