Thursday, June 30, 2011


I like the curly haired guy with red shoes! He has swag, which to me translates as confidence! Contrary to my blog, I'm not about looks, but more about attitude. He was great on So You Think You Can Dance!

Today was good, had a study group, and we got all of our assignments and labs done! Was nice spending the day with the guys. Plus, it was nice getting different views on our case studies. I have class tomorrow night, I need to read a chapter before then, but I'll do that tomorrow 'cause I'm getting to campus early.

I felt so bad we didn't invite MG to lunch today! He even texted me about it, his wife usually drops him off, and I wasn't sure if were coming back to campus! We ended up moving the study group to Panera after lunch. I texted him that I felt bad though. :(

Enjoy Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO ;peace

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