Saturday, July 30, 2011


My roomie got a job! So this means I get to us the AC, I can watch TV, have the place to myself, walk around buckid nekkid, and use the AC. Beautiful! I also finished my final today in a class where I can NOT stand the teacher, and got an A. Well, we all did 'cause he just stressed us out for days preparing for it, and he didn't even grade our finals, we all got A's. Kinda dislike him even more. So that was bitter sweet.

Also found out that Eyre didn't get the diagnosis she was afraid of getting, Beautiful! They're still not sure what is wrong with my friend, but I'm thinking positive thoughts, and I know she'll be fine.

Last, but not least, today was just a chill day. I finished my last class, I've got a few case studies to do, but I have until Friday to do them, and I'm starting a new term on Tuesday. My new teacher is hot! You may not think he's hot, but I've liked him since the first time I saw him on campus. HTT is hot, but this teach brings more to the table. I also will have Ethics next term. My tech classes make me think, but they're more intuitive, Ethics will actually make me think and study.

Great day to end my term. Looking forward to the next one! ;) peace


  1. Let me know when #4 comes back on duty will you? I'd like to hire him. Those legs!!

    Otherwise, good to hear your life seems to be staying on track. Someone's has to :-).

  2. @leccy pfft, like I would let you know. :) haha. Yeah life is okay for the moment, hope you are well *hugz* ;) peace

  3. Thanks, hon. I'm thinking positive thoughts! *hugs*

    I'm so glad you get to use that AC! You're hot, but you don't need to be that hot! LOL!