Sunday, July 17, 2011

Songs of Sunday

I got a new phone today! It's an Android phone yeah, put the BlackBerry to rest. I miss it though, but I'm still figuring out this phone. Touch screens are kinda weird.
I know this song is so main stream and I rarely do that, but I like it, so here ya go! Hope everyone has a good week! ;) peace

Nicki Minaj, Super Bass


  1. I hope you love your Android as much as I love mine! *hugs*

  2. Welcome to the world of Android! If you're phone us anything like mine, I would recommend three quick purchases:

    1. A second battery charger (for your car)
    2. A screen protector
    3. A phone plan with a good data plan!

  3. @eyre I do!
    @leccy I have the battery charger, a good phone data plan, but no screen protector. :) I will get one though. *hugz* ;) peace

  4. "ew. :) " from your comment on my post