Friday, July 29, 2011

Turn Around

Finals were this week, and I have my last one tomorrow morning. It's a group project, so your grade is dependent on your group. Great. I have my part down, but I also went and completed the whole project by myself just to see if I could, and also to step in if someone needs help.

So today's blog muse is about a guy at school who I think likes me, but I never really thought about him like that. I mean, I have, but wasn't sure if he was gay or not, or if he even liked me. I'm still not sure, but he does flirt, so today we had some really good banter, and as I walked away I felt I should have turned around to see if he was looking, but I didn't. When I think about him it's always one of those "right under your nose moments", heck I don't even tweet about him. So I will see where this goes and maybe be more aggressive in my flirting? Maybe? I dunno. He's hella sweet though. Sweet is good. Hope you all have a great weekend! ;) peace

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