Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthdays always suck, they do. I'm okay with it, no condolences needed! So today I wake up to a text from my brother wishing me Happy Birthday, and the next text tells me the car he was going to let me use is having problems. That was the last I heard from him. I have to give my cousin's Corolla back next week, and if I need to drop school without a letter grade, I have until Saturday to do it. Soooo, I have no idea what to do since my bro isn't calling or texting me back!

On the other hand Howard (who is in one of my classes), and who gave me a pep talk and inspiration when I was homeless in January, said he would come pick me up and take me to school. He lives hella far from me. I can't ask him to do that 3 times a week. I mean it makes me feel good he believes in me that much to do that, but jeeez, who knows when I'll get a car? I can't even find a job!  So I don't know what's up with school, or life. This is pretty much how my birthdays go! ha!

So I need some Joseph Sayers, and some hotness. This is the perfect combo! ;) peace


  1. It will all work out. Doesn't your school have a general info posting site on its website? See if anyone is looking for a carpool riders, or post something asking for a ride-share with anyone who lives in your area. Meanwhile, call your brother and stay on his butt. Talk with a counselor at school. He may know of something. What you're doing is important and you can't let these obstacles get in your way. I've got a feeling you will do just fine. You seem wiser than your years. As far as your birthdays being sucky, that's just a frame of mind. Treat yourself to something different, something that's not routine. Involve a new friend. The world is your oyster and something exciting and wonderful is waiting for you just around the corner...check it out!!!


  2. I'm sorry you were stressed on your birthday, and I hope your brother gets back to you soon. You're strong, hon. Whatever happens, you'll make it work. :)

  3. @eyre maybe a couple more weeks and the car will be ready. Now it's just a matter of him letting me use it. I think he will. ;) peace

  4. @CSJinNC thank you for your kinds words! And thanks for the video! LOL that really did make me laugh!! It'll all work out, you're right. *hugz* ;)peace

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I am sorry things were not going your way but I sincerely hope that they have improved.

    I am also very happy that someone believed in you but the most important thing is to believe in yourself. I have struggled through some times as well and I know how powerful it can be to hear someone say that they believe in you because then you believe in yourself again.

    I just want to say thank you for being so nice to me on Twitter and for giving me words of encouragement.