Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Where to start. Well I think my brother is putting the car in the shop this week, so that's a good thing. I put in HECKA applications to every where within walking distance (put in=online), and I think I figured out I lost my focus with school. With everything else going on I forgot the MOST important thing, and that's school and finishing. I'm not behind or anything, I'm just not paying attention and learning. It doesn't matter if I do the labs and the homework for a grade, what matters is absorbing the material, and I haven't been. I'm going through the motions. So that changes tomorrow!

Did I blog that I got a new phone? I'm always raving about my BlackBerry I can't believe I didn't say anything about retiring him! I'm sure I mentioned something. Well I got an Android phone, an Evo Shift, and I like it. I'm still getting used to it, but I do like it. A couple days ago I was on the phone with Sprint and I was on hold, so I decided to go play Angry Birds on my phone while I waited. I clicked the speaker button and played my game. When Customer Service picked up I got a guy named Chris, who was very polite. Told him I got a new phone and was still learning how to use it and he asked if I had any questions about it, so I said yeah...how do I get you off speaker! Haha, I then said it's okay nevermind and proceeded to handle the business of why I called. Now remember I'm not on the "phone" screen, I was like on my home screen. So we finish the business, and I can't get to the screen to hang up and there are no physical buttons to disconnect! Well Sprint CS are trained to not hang up until you do, so after a minute Chris says "Leo, do you know how to hang up your phone?" LMAO! I busted out laughing, and so did he, and then I finally got to the screen where I could "end call". I said "yes I just found it, I feel so embarrassed" and he said "no worries, thanks for making my night"! LOL I said "no prob, thanks again"! I think more moments with random strangers like that is what we all need in our lives.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to meet with the guys for study group and get everything finished for Thursday night's class. Have I mentioned my Active Directory teacher? Hunky! He's Iranian, and his forearms make it hard for me to concentrate! Jeeeez! Hope everyone is enjoying their week. ;) peace


  1. LOL at you and your phone! *coughs* instruction booklet *coughs*

    Hon, I'm still praying. Something will work out. *hugs*

  2. @eyre LOL, I was so embarrassed! I'm glad I made his day though he was laughing just as hard as I was! ;) peace