Sunday, August 14, 2011

Songs of Sunday

North Dakota Bois (Katy Perry, California Girls Parody). This may be a re-post since I never clean out my YT lists. If so, well it's worth a second look! Cute and funny guys.

Still not sure what's going on with the car situation, but tried to let that go this weekend. I apartment sat (I almost said sitted) for my cousin this weekend. Was nice to have AC, cable, and my own space. I did homework, I finished a great book, I did laundry, cleaned my cousin's kitchen. Was a very nice way to end the weekend.

Not sure what is happening this week, I have my cousin's car until next Sunday. I'm optimistic things will work out. Hope everyone has a great week! ;) peace


  1. Hon, keep that optimistic outlook! You'll figure out something.

    Love the video!