Sunday, September 4, 2011

Songs of Sunday

Was a good day, not productive homework wise, but still a good day. I had every intention of studying, but then got distracted by a guy with nice legs. Then I was going to take a walk and check out this bus stop sign I saw about a mile away and get the route number off of it, but then I got distracted by playing AngryBirds. Do you see the theme here? LOL Oh well, I needed a "me" day where I did nothing. Was def today! Will hit the books hard tomorrow. Talked to my bro today about the car situation, he's going to have it looked at this week, so I'm hopeful. Other than that, everything is good. Hope everyone has a great week! ;) peace

James Blunt - Stay the Night. I wanted something uplifting, I like the song, it makes me smile. Oh, and when did James Blunt get body? Dang! :)

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