Saturday, October 15, 2011


The past couple of classes have been great with the guys. I mean they're always good, but I'm just appreciating them more. The whole class gets along, but there are 6 of us who had our very first tech class together, and there were over 20 people in that class, and now it's just us 5 who've made it through. I think I enjoy my tech guys because there is no gay or straight (there are 2 of us gay guys), male or female (we have 1 female), old or young (one guy is like 60, and the youngest is like 20), it's just a bunch of nerds in a classroom, and we all look out for each other. I don't have to be "on" I can just be me with the guys. I'm sure they know I'm gay, but it never comes up, and if I was to bring it up I know it would be a non-issue. When I'm hanging with them in class, I laugh so hard at stuff none of my other friends would find funny. Basically I get to be a geek, and not be judged by the gays, or my uppity straight friends. It's about camaraderie I guess, I don't think I've ever felt that with any group, def not gay people, maybe other Lakotas, but outside of that I don't think so. There is seriously no judging, maybe I lucked out with this group but I don't think so. I look around campus and I see tech guys in classes behind us, or in front of us, and they all stick together. I remember one time a bunch of us were heading from one class to another, and we got to the next classroom we took up most of a whole row of desks, but 1 guy couldn't sit with us because the last desk was already occupied by a girl. She got up and moved so he could sit in our row and said "tech guys" and smiled, and shook her head. Haha! I love the feeling of "belonging" somewhere now, it's great.

Don't get me wrong, the guys give me ish because I have the TV viewing habits of a 16 year old girl, and I'm a Tweeter (none of them are)! LOL And I am a ditz, which they love to point out, but it's all in good fun, and everyone get's ribbed the same. When it comes down to it though, I feel I have their respect as far as my tech skills are concerned, and most of them have mine (we got a couple iffy people who maybe should have been business majors) :) And we all help each other, we don't leave anyone behind, that's what I love. If you don't get how to do something, the class doesn't move on until you know how to do it, we will show you and explain it to you until you do. You may not perfect it, but you'll know the basics. We started 2nd year with 21 of us, and we are now down to 13, and we'll lose our female next term, she's taking time off. It's a grueling program, but without my tech guys, I couldn't have done it. Heck without them I couldn't even get to school, a couple of the guys take turns picking me up and taking me to class since I don't have a car (which will change come Thanksgiving, my bro is bring down his extra car).

So I end with this; today class was cancelled because the cleaning people messed up and our class room smelled awful (chemical wise). So we went to another building but the computers were crap and couldn't support what we needed to do. The teach said we could leave if we want, and then he left. One guy needed help with his desktop he brought from home, so me and a few others stayed to help trouble shoot it (we got him up and running). Well this was the older guy, and he wanted to know where a Mountain Mikes was, so I Poynted it. I have an HTC Evo Shift and my friend has a Samsung Infuse, smartphones. Well I gave my phone to the older guy to write down the address, and he commented on my phone and how modern it was. So my friend asked him what he had:
T: It's a Verizon phone, I've had it a few years.
(it was a slide out keyboard thingy with small screen, hecka small, and no internet on it)
Me: oooooh, that's old.
H: wow, does it do text?
T: funny guys.
Me: I wanna touch it but it may to turn to dust like the Matrix in Transformers 2 did.
T: It's not that old!
H: oooh, it's like finding an arrowhead!

LMAO! I lost it! LOL! Geeky, I know.
Hope you all are well. ;) peace


  1. "Basically I get to be a geek, and not be judged"
    "I love the feeling of "belonging""
    I am happy that you have a group of people who you can be yourself around. I have a similar experience in college. Growing up in Kentucky there weren't many hispanics and at times I felt isolated and alone.
    When I went to college it was a completely different story. I met a lot of hispanics that were very similar to myself and for the first time in my life, I had hispanic friends, NO JOKE. College was the first time that I ever had a real hispanic friend that wasn't related to me.
    Yeah I know, you can have friend and they can be real close to you and they don't have to be from the same race. I have a lot of those too, but it is sort of difficult to explain. I was like woahhhhhhhhh, more people who are like me. It was a great feeling. I can't even describe it in this little comment sections, it deserves a whole post.

    "I'm a Tweeter (none of them are)! "
    Really? I thought tech guys tweet? I tweet because I try to be underground and alternative.
    Facebook is too mainstream for me.

  2. Yes it is nice to have a sense of belonging to a group. It's comforting. ;) peace