Thursday, October 20, 2011


Had my final in Ethics the other night. I did well, not a 100% like the mid-term, but I should get an A for the class.

Study session tomorrow at school with the guys to go over our final project for the class, should be interesting. I think I got an easy part of the project, so I'm cool with that. Looking forward to Environmental Science next term, something different.

My muse for tonight's post is the guy who sits in front of me. I had him in my tech class last term, and saw him in shorts and was totally taken with his legs! Well he wore shorts the other night, and I saw the back of his legs and he has cool star shapes tatted on both calves, hotness! Plus I know Leccy has been itching for Tats for awhile, :p. Enjoy! ;) peace


  1. Legs *and* tatts? Good thing we're not in the same class. Things might get ugly!

    Enjoy the view.

    L :-)

  2. @leccy LOL, right?! ;) peace