Friday, October 28, 2011

Turn Around

So we started a new term this past week, new classes, some new faces, except for my tech class...same guys, and we lost our girl. She took some time off. I didn't feel like I got what I should have out of my last two classes so I'm going to Turn Around and redo the homework and labs, like how I got the subject to match the post title? That's how I roll. :)

I saw Hottie and Twinky this past week, it feels like my first year all over again, they were very much a part of my school life. While I don't like Hottie, I was glad to see Twinky, and I'm glad he came back to school. He's such a cutie, and I'm hoping he takes school seriously this time.

Other than that, same ol same ol, my bro is supposed to bring his spare car down for me to use when he comes down for Thanksgiving. Life is good. I hope you all are well, and I apologize for the lack of posting. ;) peace

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  1. Good luck with the new term, hon. You can do it!

    Great pics. :)