Saturday, January 21, 2012

Car Talk

In doing my research on hybrid cars for my paper, I came across this hybrid luxury sports car, the Fisker Karma. I want one! It still doesn't beat out my dream car the Bugatti Veyron, which is the exact opposite of this car when it comes to the environment, but it'll do. Finally finished my paper, now it's all about studying for my certs. Major study time starts tomorrow!

Some other vids I found while searching for a Fisker Karma video. I've always liked the Supra! I think Toyota is bringing it back in a couple years though. Um that Enzo is playing with them, and notice how the Subaru was trying to be up in the mix? lol If it's a WRX than maybe, which I think it was.

I want his job. Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren F1

;) peace

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