Sunday, January 1, 2012

Songs of Sunday - Kid Cudi

Saw this about bullying on YouTube. I am not familiar with Kid Cudi's work, but he didn't object to his song being used for this video. I have bullies on Twitter, but I handle my own. Never had a bully in RL, so it breaks my heart that these young lives were taken because of idiots.

A great way to start off the New Year? Probably not, but I still think it's an important message to share. ;) peace


  1. Wow. This made me cry. I worry about this very thing with our youth. smh it's so sad.

  2. Powerful video! Thanks for sharing.

  3. @becullen I agree. I hope for the best though. ;) peace

    @eyre yeah, sometimes I post some deep ish. ;) peace

    @ElSwiss yeah, sorry I hit you over the head with a frying pan tonight. ;) peace