Monday, February 13, 2012


So my neighbor with the Hottest legs I have ever seen in real life, moved today. :( Yes, I am sad. And right before Spring! Ugh! As a farewell treat he wore shorts all day as he packed up the U-Haul. *sigh* He was cute, body was nice, but those legs...right shape, right amount of hair, nice skin color. Whew. Okay let's move on before this gets any creepier.

My friend came over this morning and we worked out, then updated our resumes and applied for jobs online. Like all day that's what we did, so while I didn't get any homework done, I still feel productive. Since we were doing this in the clubhouse, the assistant property manager was in there also, he was waiting for his boss to show up. I can not say enough about his booty, not butt, not as$, but booty! Like ghetto booty, like make it clap booty! Okay once again, let's move on before this gets any creepier.

So this post was either going to be Legs, or Turn Around, but since I will probably never see my neighbor again, I know I'll see the assistant property manager around.
;) peace

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