Saturday, February 4, 2012

Model Moment

Male Model, Marlon Teixeira.

So I went out last night, first time I've been out in forever! I'm not really a "going out" type of person, been there done that, believe me. Now I don't mind a lil dive bar with a pool table, that's more my style. I went with a new friend, and had a good time. Was nice people watching and getting to know someone new (no it wasn't a date, haha). I'm looking for local friends, my guys from school are great, and we hang out, but sometimes I want to do more and actually hit the town, and that's not them. Haha, so yeah, hopefully I made a new friend. The only hiccup was that he got pulled over, and they took his car. I felt so bad for him! I still had a fun time though. Not sure I can do that weekly, but it was nice to do something different and not be studying, or thinking about studying.

Since he had picked me up, it was a cab ride home. After we dropped off my friend the cab driver insisted I sit up front with him. He actually patted the seat next to him, LOL. Yeah that was creepy. He was Russian so I didn't understand much of what he said, but basically what I figured out in the 15min ride home, he works two jobs, has a wife, two grown kids, but sometimes enjoys the company of thin men! LMAO!! I swear I am cursed! Anyways, he didn't get my company, or a tip. Hope you all are doing great! ;) peace

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