Monday, March 19, 2012

Hot Guys Kissing

So if you Google Hot Guys Kissing in Google Images, my blog comes up as the third pic. And fourth, and fifth, Haha, that's kinda cool. Well I have some new pics I wanted to share. Why not try for number one? :)

Nothing new here, still about homework, and studying. I have a scripting class this term, which I really like. My bro will be down for his car next week, but I'm confident that I will have something before then. And if not, my guys will take me back and forth to school. Life is good.

Hope your week started off great. ;) peace


  1. Hott! Idk if my messages have been arriving on here so ill restate them ) my name is Leo and I'm glad I found this blog after searching for gay guys on YouTube! I'm now fallowing keep us posted!

    1. Hi Leo! My name is Leo, too! Thanks for following, hope you like! ;) peace