Saturday, March 24, 2012

iPhone Men

Had a great day at school. I mean it sucks having to go to class on Saturdays, but we're all kind of loopy so early in the morning; it makes for interesting convos. Today was Balut, or duck fetuses (google it). Haha. Always so random. And China is more than a desert, pics of tall buildings make me dizzy, tobacco grows other places than the South, and the list goes on.

I got some studying done, got some prices to get my brother's car worked on, sent an email about a car for myself, and did some clean up and organizing on my hard drive. Don't lie, you know you want this exciting life! Haha j/k I'm just happy to be where I'm at.

No muse for tonight's post only that out of our class, only guy has an iPhone. That I know of. Most of us are Android, but my phone has been making me mad lately. No, I will not get an iPhone, me and my Android will go to couples therapy before that happens! In any case, enjoy and I hope you are having a great weekend! ;) peace

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