Sunday, March 25, 2012

Songs of Sunday

Dixie Chicks - Lullaby
Today started out rough, don't want to relive it, but the day progressed and got better. I'm just not used to feeling anger, or being pessimistic, or arguing. Life is great, and I knew my day would turn into something good, which it did. So despite the fact I couldn't get my script to run (tech homework), my day ended on a much more positive note.

Now watching some mindless TV, and listening to this song between shows. JJ did this video like a year ago, I love it. It's so calming, I don't really feel like interacting with anyone, just want to be chill and let go of the remnants of the day.

Thanks to Chris for listening to me vent, and letting me know I'm on the right path, and to stay on it. I so appreciate his concern. :)

Life is Wonderful. Hope you all have a great week. ;) peace

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  1. I'm glad your day ended better, hon. *hugs*