Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sorry for the long pause in posting! Can't believe it's been almost a week! Shame on Leo!

Nothing new to report. In my last six weeks of school, frantically looking for a job, and trying to keep up with my studies. Same ol same ol. :) My cheap roomie canceled our internet, so now I have to tether my phone, which is so slow. My point being I like to blog at the end of my day, to share with you all, but with no internet...or fast internet, it has been daunting. I'll try and be better though. Until then, I thought this was hilarious! ;) peace


  1. Did you know that some gays have even been known to wash their cars? In public! Outrageous!

    PS. Tethering? You must have a good data plan to be able to afford that.

    1. I have unlimited data with Sprint. $69.99 a month. :) peace

  2. Grr about your roomie!

    Love the picture!