Sunday, July 15, 2012

Songs of Sunday

So I went out last night. Something I rarely do. I haven't been to a gay bar in 6 years, much less a club. Just not a big partier, but it was my BFF's b'day and he was in town, so yeah. I had fun. I should have known though, I about choked to death on my first sip of alcohol as I tried to do a shot of tequila! LOL It went down the wrong pipe, so there I was gagging and trying to catch my breath while feeling like I was going to puke. Was not a good look. LOL So I won't be doing any more gay bars soon. And yes, I blame the fact I almost DIED on the bar being gay.

It was nice spending time with my BFF, and catching up. I don't really remember a lot though. Haha. I woke up with $54 dollars on me, and two "good morning" texts from a Paul and Derek. LOL I didn't give my # out, so I'm thinking my BFF did, because I vaguely remember talking to a Paul and Derek. Oh and I went out with $60, so uh...I have no idea how I only spent $6 bucks. That shot was alone was like $7. Maybe I robbed someone? LOL

In any case, had a good time. Today's song is Titanium by David Guetta. I love this song. It kind of starts out a little country, but David Guetta is definitely not country! Love the lyrics, too. Fire away, fire away! Hope everyone has a great week! ;) peace

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