Sunday, September 9, 2012

Songs of Sunday

Can You Save Me - Flint Eastwood. It's the theme song for Covert Affairs, which is a show I just now caught up on. I liked hearing it as the opening credits were displayed, so of course I had to go and get the full version. I like the hook, or is it the chorus? In any case I love it when she sings "Can you saaaaaaaave me..." LOL

So what's new with me? Nothing. haha. Still job searching. I had a very promising interview with a recruiter on Friday, and I'm excited, because she seems like she really wants to get me out there and working. Not in the IT field, but work is work and I'm broke. My roomie seems pretty cool, I paid what I could on my rent, but I know everyone has their limits of being understanding.

Went car shopping with my cousin today, he didn't get what he wanted, but he's going to keep looking. The cool thing is when he gets one, I get to drive his current auto. It's a Blazer, not like I care...wheels!! So hopefully that will happen in the next couple weeks. Would be so nice to have that independence again. I feel very optimistic for this week, like I really, really do!! :)

Oh, and I also closed my Twitter account, or as they say on Twitter, I committed Twittercide. It hasn't even been 24hrs, but I'm not missing it too much. I think I'm going to try and make friends here in Sacto. I need a life now that school is over. And honestly I kind of created the Twitter account when I started school, so that I'd have a place to vent out my frustrations, or accolades when it came to my classes. Now that school is over, I'm rethinking my Twitter persona. I may create another one and this time concentrate on people more local in my area.

So that's it folks, sorry for the delay between posts, I'm just really stressed, but like I mentioned; I feel really optimistic about this week. Hopefully next post will bear some good news. Hope you all have a great week! And hope you like the song. ;) peace


  1. So that is where you went, I was missing your food porn already :(

    Well, good luck with finding RL friends and a job :)

    1. Thank you! I hope you are well. ;) peace