Sunday, October 28, 2012

Songs of Sunday

My muse for this post is the fact I heard this song in Safeway earlier today. Yes, in Safeway playing all over the store on the Safeway Music Network! LOL This song used to be the ish! Personal Jesus- Depeche Mode. This actually is when I think they went mainstream and lost some of their grittiness. I love some of the remixes of this song though. Think I'll go download the mixes. Hope you all have a great week! I didn't get the consulting gig, but that's okay. I have some other options out there, I know I can't do this public transit commute anymore, just too long of a day for me. I need some me time. ;) peace Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode. Also, I Just Can't Enough. Way different sound huh? Yeah, they were like all bubbly, and then got dark. Haha. Always thought that was a cool contrast!

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