Monday, November 12, 2012

Famous People

Jacob Artist. He's the new bad boy on Glee, Puckerman's little brother.  I first saw him in an epi of Melissa & Joey. I remember thinking, wow he's hot! So what a surprise to see him on Glee looking all buff and stuff. He was a lil chubby (but still hot) on Melissa & Joey.

Enjoying my day off, just chilling at home doing laundry and cooking my lunches for the week. Pretty much going to just catch up on The Vampire Diaries and relax. Still job searching, still doing the long commutes on public transit but it's sucking more now because it's getting cold! Haha, I can't do cold, hot I can handle, but cold...brrr! So far the weather has been working with me though. Hope you are all having a good week, today is my Sunday. ;) peace

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