Sunday, November 4, 2012

Songs of Sunday

PSY-Gangnam Style I love this song, but the video is a lot more fun! On Sunday morning my buddy works out at the gym around the corner from where I live, so he lets me use his car to run errands and stuff. Today I got a much needed haircut! This song came on the radio and I was like, yup, def my post for today!

Everything is going okay, still looking for a job closer to home because the 14 hour days with the 6 hour commute time are killing me! Haha, the job is fine though. Took awhile to get used to that "good ol boy" mentality, but I fit in fine now. Although I am finding my self cursing more than usual, dang truckers! LOL I actually don't cuss, but now and then I find that a cuss words slips out. I'm learning more of the routing process, but I still primarily do dispatch. The truckers are so nice, they're very nice to me, but they don't like the new guy because he's kind of a in your face kind of guy. Very interesting dynamic at work. I'll have to go more into it later.

There is a possibility I may get a car this week, I should know tomorrow. I hope so, that would make my life so much easier! I'd actually have some free time to study for my MS Certs, and I could go see my parents, which of course means leftovers! Haha! Been sooooo long. Today I'm just chilling in downtown Sacramento. Downloading my shows and looking for a job closer to home. I'm about to go hit up the food court at the nearby mall though. Oh, so I was scrolling through pics on my phone, and 90% of them are pics of food! LOL So I think I'm going to start another blog with just pics of what I eat! Haha. Dunno, sounds like a good idea. Hop you all have a great week! ;) peace


  1. Good luck with the car!

    I love the song.

  2. i hope you get the car and yes you deff should start a food blog bc i fucks with food ! ! ! !
    just please dont catch diabetes or high blood pressure + cholesterol