Monday, December 17, 2012

BW Pics

I had a rental car this weekend. Ahhh it was so nice to be mobile! I think I'm ready to change my shift and start working the 4 10s, and just rent a car for those days. It's really inexpensive for the Fri, Sat, Sun only 10 bucks a day. Monday would be full price, so basically it comes out to about what I'm paying now a week for public transit. OR They are opening a Denny's literally half a block from where I live! Haha! I've worked at Denny's before, I'm down the street so I could be there in a moment's notice if someone calls in. I'm sure the shift would vary, opening up free time for me to study for my MS certs. Discounted food (the real winner). No worrying about getting back and forth to work, I'd save like $70 bucks a week! So yeah, I'm seriously thinking about it. Today's muse was the weather this morning. It was gray, and drizzly! But then the sun came out and made me happy. Back to work tomorrow, and the long days. Ugh! Have a great week! ;) peace

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