Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Car Review.

So, for those of you who follow this blog, you know that I'm now renting a car to get back and forth to work. The rental place has a special on the weekends, which I work, so I'm paying about the same as when I was taking buses and trains, only I'm not out in the elements! I thought it'd be kind of cool to write a review of what ever car I get each week. My first car I rented was a Chevy Cruze, I forgot to take a pic of it though. I liked it, it was small, but the inside was all gadgets and looked very high tech, so you know I was down for that! It got good gas mileage, and had some power for a small car. The interior was really nice, black with silver accents. I wouldn't buy the car, only because of it's size, but it was a nice ride. My next rental was a 2012 Toyota Corolla.
I liked it, Corollas used to be small cars, but this one was very spacious inside and easily could hold 5 people. It had power, and of course that Toyota feeling of dependability. It was a solid ride. I took it down to my parents for Thanksgiving, my mom really liked it. I probably wouldn't buy one because it seems every other person has one, but ya never know...I may end up with one. My current rental is a Mazda 2.
OMG it's so tiny! And if feels like I'm driving a go-kart, but that's also kind of fun. It's black on black, and the interior lights are red, which is kinda cool, but no bells or whistles on this model. No cruise control, no buttons on the steering wheel to control the radio (the Cruze and Corolla both had those), pretty basic. Sometimes when you punch the gas, there is like a 3 second lag before anything happens. Def my least fave so far, and no I would NOT buy one, if you gave me one I would sell it and buy something else. Haha! Although it def has the best gas mileage so far. :) So there ya go. I was going to go on more about the specs, but I think this prob bored you enough. LOL I just wanted to document what I drive, so that when I eventually get my own car, I can kind of compare. It is kind of neat driving a new car each week though. :) Hope you all had a great New Year! ;) peace

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