Monday, July 1, 2013


Well I started my internship today! It's for an IT position with a non-profit that works with veterans. It's a small office, but I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the crew. Unfortunately, there is no IT support on Mondays, so there was no one there to train me. LOL I will be the IT guy on Mondays going forward, once I get trained. I'm going back tomorrow and I'm excited to meet the IT guy, and learn something about the network, and Active Directory. The CEO is Native American, he saw me and called out my tribe the minute he saw me. LOL We had a real nice talk about being Native, where he wants the company to go, AND the permanent positions he wants to create. So who knows, it may just turn into a paying gig. Hope everyone is staying cool, we are in our 4th day of a heatwave! It's going to go for a coupe more days. Can hardly wait. Enjoy your week! ;) peace

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