Sunday, November 24, 2013

Songs of Sunday

LOL I'm a horrible blogger! But the good thing is, if I'm not blogging then you know things must be going okay. And they are. Still liking the new job, it's interesting, and when there is down time, I can study for my certs, or practice some new IT skills I've learned. All in all, loving it. Still saving up for a car, and looking for a place to live. Until then I'm more than happy in a studio hotel suite. It's really not that expensive, not any more than if I had my own apartment. Today's post was inspired by One Of My Followers, or #OOMF as we say in Twitterspeak. I saw it on his TL and I loved it! The artist's name is Hedley and the song is called Anything. I love the message, despite the cussing. LOL Hope you are all doing great, and I swear I'll start posting more. I do have a lot of stuff in my queue I just haven't gotten around to it. Haha! Have a great week! ;) peace

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