Saturday, December 28, 2013

Life Update.

Remember when this blog was happening? LOL I'm just so lazy now, but that will change! Yeah, I know, I say that all the time. Haha. Okay, moving on. Good news! I found a place to live! Yay! No more hotels for me. I hope I didn't just jink myself! I found a room for rent with two cool guys in a huge house in my old neighborhood. Ya know, my bubble where you don't need a car 'cause everything is within walking distance. I'm so glad to be back in my old stomping grounds. I like the familiarity of it all. I'm actually at the library at the moment, just caught up with the security guard, saying hi to the librarians. The guys I live with are cool, one is gay and one is "straight", more about the quotations later. LOL The house is huge, we have a pool table, and there's plenty of space. I'm really happy there.

The car situation is the same, I do need one for work so I rent one when needed. As far as the job, still loving it.So blessed to get paid to do stuff I already enjoy doing. I'm very lucky in that aspect. On my downtime at work, I'm going to start studying for my certs, yes, after all this time I'm still working on that! Haha, but I always felt like I couldn't concentrate, 'cause I was looking for a job, or a place to live, but now I have both that I'm really happy no more excuses.

The holidays were nice, went and saw my parents, saw my sister again. She looks terrible, but she's happy, so that's all that matters. At least she's not on the streets, she's renting a room, and she still dumpster dives (recyclables), but she's happy doing that. I guess she goes to karaoke a couple times a week. LOL My "homeless", dumpster diving, meth head, sister has more of a social life than me! #smh (Yes, I did just hash tag my blog post lol) Oh and if you're wondering how I could be so glib about my sister's situation, this has been going on for almost 18 years, the last 7 being the lowest. My family has tried interventions, tough love, everything. We've made our peace with it, and just accept her for who she is.

And last but not least, my New Year's Resolution is...well the same, put on 10 lbs (which I never do), BUT I'm adding; go forth with an open mind to dating. Yes, after 4 years, I'm ready to date again. I mean I had that homeless bout, then school, then looking for a perm job, and a place to live after graduation, I mean...yeah a lot. Things are looking good though, so yeah, going forward I'll be more receptive towards men who take an interest in me. Enjoy your weekend! There WILL be a Songs of Sunday post tomorrow! And more hot guys like the one below, coming up! ;) peace


  1. Happy new year, Mr Leo. Sounds like it's getting off on the right foot. Good luck with the dating thing. You never know what you might land till you try.

    Oh and I have a few extra pounds you can have if you want :-p