Sunday, February 9, 2014

Songs of Sunday

Hi, remember me? Happy New Year!  LOL I know, it's not even excusable that I haven't blogged in over a month! So let me just give you the bullet points:

Still loving the job, they're moving me to the downtown office; where I'll have my own office and have more responsibilities. I'll become a subject matter expert in our dictation software and train the doctors on how to use it.

I love where I live. We now have another roomie, so that makes 4 of us, and he's a perfect fit for the house. We've all bonded, we get along and I couldn't be more happier in my new home. We shoot pool, drink beer, and basically just goof off like every night. LOL But we get up and go to work responsibly the next day. I have one gay roomie, one "straight" roomie, and one straight roomie. LOL The quotes are because him and I have a very weird relationship, I think he's into me and he's having trouble accepting that, for the record years and years ago, he dated the gay roomie briefly. Sooo, I dunno. In any case, he's hot, and fun and I enjoy his company and that's pretty much where it's at. I'm not keen on a dating a roomie anyways, but it's fun teasing one. LOL

Still no car, but once they move me to the downtown office, that will be my primary location, so I won't need to rent a car as often, therefore I can save some money up and get my own car. Also it's an easier commute public transit wise. So all in all, life is good. One of my friends suggested I should be blogging about what happens in the "gay house" as I call it. I call it the Gay House 'cause when I was looking at rooms, it was either this one, or one around the to differentiate them when talking to my friends about them, I called this one the Gay House because of my gay roomie. Haha.

So maybe I'll start doing that, maybe after we're done playing pool for the night; provided I'm sober enough to type. LOL

This is Bound 2.5 by Delazaoo who I found out about from a Twitter follower. Which reminds me, you should follow me on Twitter, I'm ALWAYS tweeting as opposed to rarely blogging. In any case, this guy is cute and he raps pretty good. Hope you have a great week, and I'll blog soon! Oh, other lappy died and it had all my blog pics on it, so I must scour the 'net for more hotties, I think I can handle that. :) peace

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