Thursday, June 12, 2014


Dang, I've had my blog for 9 years. LOL Wow! And lately I've been slacking. Okay, here is what's going on. I had another job interview this week, once again, I was 2nd choice. I really wanted this one, too. Oh well, not meant to be, not meant to be. My current job, where we are super busy with the upgrade, I'm on 11 days straight and have NO idea when my next day off will be. I guess my boss was told that he had a June 30th deadline to get this migration done. Which means I, and my counterpart, have a June 30th deadline to get this done. Haha. We're making good time tho, got two locations done (our largest) and 3 more left. I think we'll be fine.

Other than that, not much going on just looking for a new job, working in this job. Oh, I joined a gym. I have yet to go tho. lol But I will start going, I just need gym attire. Haha! ;) My muse for today's post. I saw the cutest guy in scrubs today at our downtown office, and he wasn't wearing a tee shirt...had a very nice chest! Enjoy! :) peace


  1. So I've got your blog as first on my Flipboard subscriptions and now whenever I open the app I get hairy abs. Good one Leo!

    Oh and DILF? Indeed yes...

  2. "Wow! And lately I've been slacking." . . . .i'm just saying you could do better!