Sunday, August 31, 2014

Songs of Sunday

LOL I'm not even gonna try and apologize for not blogging in like a month. So let's just do a breakdown:
  • Still looking for a different job.
  • Never went to the gym.
  • Cancelled gym membership. 
  • Trying to go back to college. 
  • Will take a weight lifting class at school, along with a GE course, and a tech course.
  • Got a flat tire last weekend, noticed I have some pretty cool rims under the hubcaps. So I took all the hubcaps off and I love the look of my car now. 
  • The roomie I didn't care for is moving out. 
  • We have a wild raccoon living in our neighborhood.
  • I just bought the new book in the I Am Number Four series! The Revenge of Seven.
  • Anxiety is better, no attacks in a couple months now. Not gone, but better.
  • I think I met my next BF. 
 There you go. LOL Hope you all have a great week, and for those of you in the U.S. enjoy your 3 day weekend! :) peace

 I love this song by Reba. Oldy but a goody.

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