Monday, November 10, 2014


So I start my new job tomorrow. I'm very excited and relieved to be working again. It's been a month today since I've been unemployed, so I love the irony of starting tomorrow. It's a consultant position, I'll be working in different hospitals, so I had many hoops to jump through for this job. Flu shot, TB test, background check, drug test, and then there was on the online security training. LOL Took like two weeks after I accepted the offer. But it's all done, and now tomorrow is the day.

Oh, and I went dirt biking this past weekend. Haha! A buddy of mine has two dirt bikes, and he loaded them up in his truck and his brother decided to not go, so he called me...woke me up actually, and I said sure...why not. I've never ridden a motorcycle before. It was scary, exciting, and so much fun. I will def do it again. Life is good. I hope you all have a great week, and tomorrow I'm sure I'll blog about my first day. I hope it goes well, exciting opportunity! ;) peace

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