Monday, February 9, 2015

Songs of Sunday

Okay, technically it's Monday, but I've been working graveyard shifts the last two weeks so my internal clock is ALL MESSED UP. Only three more days of this shift, though. Calvin Harris - Summer. I did not know he was so hunky! LOL Hope you enjoy. I'm off tomorrow then back to work Tuesday. :) peace

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

30 Seconds of Bliss

Been years since I did a 30 seconds of... post. Saw this on my Youtube home page and just HAD to post it. LOL

Back to work tomorrow, graveyard. Had the past 3 days off, but I mostly just slept. Haha. Met with a new recruiter today, very positive meeting. I only have, I think, like 5 more shifts. 3 this weekend, then off for three and then 2 shifts after that. So, time to start looking for the next gig. Hope all is well. :) peace

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Wow. So I know I used to blog a lot, and I had some really nice posts, but I have fallen off blogging for awhile. Um, I didn't know it was for like a year! I checked my blog history and I didn't blog Tats in 2014! Whuh? That was a staple of my blog.

Also in 2014 I didn't do one "Random" post, where I post a random memory, or random thought, or a random "how my day went". I started this blog years ago as kind of like a diary, but then it kind of took off and I felt like it wasn't private anymore. Well my page views have been way down, so I feel like I'm off Google's radar. So I plan to blog more.

Right now I'm working in IT, I like my job but it's going to end soon. We just had a "go live" so I've been on 12 hour graveyard shifts. Ouch. We have been busy tho, so the nights go fast.

Last night I worked with a guy who okay, he didn't seem interested in taking on assignments, but it's cool; more work for me. Well he took his jacket off and he had these tribal tattoos on his arms and I was like, whoah...he's hot. I'm not even into tattoos, those posts were for Leccy (if he still reads this) :) lol

So I figure I'm just shallow. Haha. In any case, he is my muse for this post. I hope everyone has a great week, and I'm off the next three days! Woot Woot!
:) peace