Thursday, March 10, 2016


So, today at work we got a new Sys Admin. He's hot. BTW I went to college to be a Sys Admin, but it will be awhile before I get that chance, until then I'm the "IT guy". Anyways, he's hot. I can not stress enough how IT guys are not hot, I mean, I kinda rock it, but for the most part I have no eye candy!!

So he's cute, nice body but he's kinda skinny and he's smooth. I'm assuming he's smooth 'cause of his arms and I normally like hairy, but once again, he's a sys admin! LOL I think I'm just happy I found another hot nerd. Tomorrow we'll interact more 'cause I'm the one building his computer, but so far he seems nice.

Hmmm what else? Well, I like this company, but I don't want to work the for the IT department but I wouldn't mind working for another department within the company. It's an IT contract, supposedly two weeks. So we shall see, but with the new sys admin maybe I'll reconsider. LOL Still clashing, I'm almost to TH9. So glad it's Friday tomorrow! :)peace

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