Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Let's have Twins Day!

Before I head out of the office and go home and bake a chicken...I forgot to post some pics. IN trying to be original (and how many blogs really are, there are a few) I have been asked what am I going to call my "men" of the day? Over at Bent the hotties are called Slaps of the Day, check it out, it's a great story on how that came about! Over at Kenneth in the 212, he has The Morning Wood (how clever is that?! *chuckle*), so when I said, well...I'll just call them Eye Candy or something...I was met with a big Nooooo...! So I called Angela (a.ka. best friend...lovvvaa forevvaaa, my other half) and asked her and rather quickly she came up with Today's Weather. Um ok, I thought a sec and was like ooohhh I get it! Like I could post hot guys and cool guys and...um...I dunno...I'll figure it out, in any case with that little story being known...on to the very Warm Fronts!! LOL (corny, but kinda like it!)
peace out!

Of course we have to have the Carlson Twins!

and the Hall Twins, Bruce and Seth... :-)

Happy Tuesday!

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