Sunday, November 26, 2006

Secret Santa?

The Gay Guru is thinking blogger friends can do a Secret Santa for x-mas....I'm all for it!!
;-) peace

Sometimes I'm to real... this Sat. nite bad??

Saturday Night Conversation
Aim : I feel so much on my shoulders right now - possibly not having a job, bills, men, feeling of no direction

Leonard : that's called life sweetie. Job, if you lose it, you find another one and no bitching about a paycut, just be lucky you can find one. Bills, you will have them the rest of your's the American way, especially if you keep buying yourself "i'm losing my job so I need..." clothing. Boys suck, throw rocks at them. No direction, in time you'll find what it is your supposed to be or do just go with the flow.

Aim : I hate it when you dont show up for my pity party

Leonard : please, wait until you catch your first cold of the season...

Aim : eww - that's not even close to being true

Leonard : sorry, I'm looking at famous nude celebrities right now...I have my priorities.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Making of Dieux Du Stade 2007

Finally the "Making of" video has been posted!! They show even more gorgeous rugby playing skin. ;-) peace

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy T Day~!

My bro is down from Oregon and my other bro will be at my moms. Not sure about my cracked out sister, but I hope she is well and yes, I will at least call and wish her a Happy Thanksgiving. I get to see my babies tomorrow (Raymond and Lakota, nephew and niece) so I'm excited about that. I beat people down tonight to get a copy of CARS so we can watch it together, hey, ya do wacha gotta! ;-) hope everyone has a great Holiday however you spend it. Eat lots, we have a good excuse to stuff ourselves for the next few weeks. ;-) peace
p.s. and because it's a KNOW who you get today. :-)
Happy Thanksgiving Joseph Sayers!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


So I'm watching the 20 sexiest men on the Country Music Channel and what commercial do I see? A GAY AD FOR 1-800-PROMALE, for realz! men callling men..on the CMT!!! Wow, this election really did have positive results!! ;-) peace

Why did I have a dream about a NAKED Charlie Sheen??

Really, I did. I was a photographer and was doing a photo shoot with him and he just stripped and got naked!! Ok, I don't particularly find him attractive, nor do I think he's a good actor. I'm not sure if I've even seen any of his "movies". WEIRD!

I don't see it

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


...this video says it all. Didn't today just smell better? Just feel a better day? ;-) peace

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Homeless people like to talk to me...

...they do, I don't know why. They just don't ask me for money, they go beyond that they know me...for instance; the guy who thought I was Mike. So I'm walking on my lunch break, remember I work in downtown Sacramento, CA's capital and there is a guy on the sidewalk asking people for money. I am not saying he's homeless, just that he looks a bit unkept and he has like a backpack and a garbage bag sitting next to him. I have my headphones on and I see his lips move but don't hear what he says, I sort of just smile and shake my head no. Then I hear him yell Hey! (over the sound of The Killers mind you, telling me about how when I was young) So I turn around and take off my head phones and say...what? He asks if we went to school together...oh hellz naw...he's gotta be like 50 and I know I don't even look my age now at *30sumtin* and I was like, He asked if I was from Virginia or Rhode Island or some state where the pilgrims shot us heathens (I am Native American for those just logging in)once again, I was So I put my headphones on and start walking away (there was a bowl of Thai noodles calling my name!) and I can still hear him yelling Hey!...oh so now he is going to start following me sreaming Mike! Mike! It's me Mike! We went to school together!

*sigh* Ok...I am not a patient man by nature, I don't like waiting, I impulse buy and the microwave needs to be upgraded to one of those replicators they have on Deep Space 9. I do though, tend to have more patience for those who are mentally disturbed (which is why I've kept my best friends this long!! *ba dump bump*) so I turn around to him and calmly explain I have never been to school back east, I have never met you before and I'm positive WE did not go to school together, sorry. He just gives ME this most disgusted look and says...fine that way...and turns around to go back to his backpack and garbage bag.
I felt small. I wanted to run after him and say "look, if I was Mike I would so be talking to you, you seem cool...but I'm not Mike!". Then again, I have Thai noodles waiting for me, so we parted seperate ways.

On another note...did you vote?! I've been watching the polls and seems (lawd let it be!) that there may be a shift in Congress...I don't want to say anything, I'm just going to go watch CNN and light a candle.
;-) peace
p.s. I was trying to add some pics, but blogger is being difficult.

Monday, November 6, 2006

By the way...

...I hate Bush.

Now I have something to say...

...has anyone else (who doesn't live in a cave) been following this? I love it, I'm sure most people are keeping up on this story of the religious leader and the gay prostitute in Colorado (link at end of paragraph) , but if not...well the religious leader is saying yes he did contact Jones (a gay male prostitute) for a "massage" and yes he did buy drugs from him...but he threw the drugs away and all he got was a massage! Now remember, he is CURRENTLY (or was until this week) campaigning and lobbying to prevent gay marriage and to have the CO constitution amended to restrict gay marriage! He's the spiritual leader (LOL) of the National Association of Evangelicals.
Yes, I'm kicking my heels up in glee, I will be posting info about this story as it goes on, on my blog.
Oh I don't wanna hear how, his marriage is failing...and his family is being torn apart and the grief it's causing his congregation and children. F..that! At least he gets a marriage, he gets to have his family and congregation recognized and have children without anyone pointing fingers and condemning him, the wonderful life that he has, the same life he wants to deny gay and lesbian people and has been trying to do so for years well,it's crumbling and so...I waiting for his glass house....... to fall the F*ck DOWN!! ;-)

AND NOW...he is saying he was he was guilty of sexual immorality.
read this

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Nothing to say...

...really...I have nothing to say. Okay I could talk about how my drug addict sister is back in our lives or how my car is making a funny noise...but I mean...I want this blog entertaining. ;-) peace