Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Hump Day...

...this week is kicking my ass! 10 hour days are the norm cool with that. It's a good learning experience though so I can't bitch to much though. The sad thing is? I'm missing my shows at night! Yes we have DVR but it's just not the same! It's like watching the superbowl the DAY! So I'm off to watch a DVD and just chill and let go of work and deadlines and all that other crap that makes up the American Dream...and just watch cute basketball players in Glory Road! ;-) peace!
and enjoy! (ok about the last pic...I dunno, but hey I like hair!) lol

Spent the day with the parents...

...ok to be cool, I should have said the "'rents" but come on, I'm not 14! In any case, it was a good day spending time with them, we all went and had our eyes checked! LOL for real. They both got new prescriptions...I will keep my mouth shut on whether or not I need glasses! ;-) It was a long day, I had to drive 66 miles to pick them up, then another 90 back to the place where we went and got checked out (it was an Indian clinic in Auburn) then take them poor car, it's such a trooper! I had fun hanging out with them though. Since I've been back I have not spent a lot of time with them, and I missed that. In S.D. I had my native friends and family and since I've been here, I've missed that cultural connection. So it was great to listen to my dad pepper his sentences with indian words that I know and to get their humor. It was a nice day! I told a friend about my day and she was like, we are all the same people, but I don't believe we are. Mexicans, blacks, natives, asians...we all have our own cultural thing...and it is different. My parents are old school Lakota from the reservations in South Dakota, my dad is from Pine Ridge rez, and my mom is from Rosebud rez. They kind of still live in that world I think. Hello, both were born in a house without a real floor, just dirt floors! I love to listen to them talk about the old days, when they lived with no electricity or plumbing. Oh, being in CA now they think it sucks, but I find it so interesting. The thing that I find interesting is that they still stick to their traditions, even out here in the hustle and bustle of California. My mom can still cook meals she cooked on the rez and my dad still trys to barter with everyone. Really, bartering is not a happens in my culture! lol So I tried to explain all that to my friend, but she didn't get it. I quit trying to explain and just said I had a good day! Because really, that's all that matters! Hope everyone else had a great day! ;-) peace

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lisa Lampanelli... the new shit!! She's fricking hilarious! Forget Cho and Griffin, the gays have found a new woman comic!! Ok, yes, she's offensive as hell...but she's across the board offensive, no one is safe from her jokes...I like that. Life is funny, we all need to laugh at ourselves. I know the whole "buy a world a coke"thing is cute, but really...we are different, culturally, socially etc. She brings it all to the front lines with no holds barred. If you're easily offended or you always try and be Politically Correct or if you hug trees and adopt children from foreign countries so you can help an "impoverished nation"...then you probably shouldn't watch! ;-) peace

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do I really want to work?...

...I mean I haven't worked for three years! Ok, let me rephrase that I haven't had to think in three years. See I had this high stress, important job with many responsibilities and all that. I was burnt out, I couldn't take any time off 'cause I had meetings and conferences coming up and deadlines. Then my uncle passed and I had a really bad break up...and I woke up one day and said f*ck it. So I quit and became a waiter at Denny's. I have always wanted to be a server. Seriously. Yeah my parents were soooo proud. :D I did that for a bit and moved to Fresno (okaaay!) and then from there is when I moved back to South Dakota (where all good Lakota people are from) and I went to school for two years and just basically was also a waiter and also worked for the state archaeological research center as an admin. It was nice, it was peaceful. No stress from friends and family (well some, I did have family there also) but it was just mellow. I was broke as hell and missed all my toys and luxuries I took for granted here in CA...ya know, cable, Internet phones. I was at peace though. Then...I started missing swiping my check card and not worrying about whether it would go through or not (oh do you see the materialism coming out here?!). I also missed the culture and the fast life blah blah I moved back in September. Now I'm at a job where this is PLENTY of opportunity for me and I'm being pressured by higher ups to take a positoin with as much stress and responsibility as the one I gave up three years ago. Do I do it? I really just want to be a bartender! LOL the new position is good money, it's a challenge but still. So that is my dilemma right now. I feel kind of bad because some people don't even have jobs and would kill for my position, then again I feel like I should do what I want. Ew. I feel like a hippie, except without the pot smoking and the bad hair. So now that's the crossroads I'm at. I have to make a decision to apply soon. There isn't even a guarantee I'll get the position, but my boss keeps asking me to apply. So I left the office tonight after yet another late night, and I'm in traffic in downtown Sacramento and I'm looking to the people to the right and left of me and I can see how drained they are, I know I am also. Is this is it? Is this life? Do I give up my somewhat bohemian existence and conform? I mean I'm no spring chicken anymore, I guess I should think about my future...but at what cost? So that's my dilemma. ON the other hand, I have a great location office wise, good food within walking distance and if I move to Midtown I can walk to work and everything else I want, clubs, cinema, shopping etc. So I dunno. Oh and let's not forget the hottie at the bank and the sandwich shop! LOL hey I have to find a silver lining in everything...that's just my nature! So I'm beat and about to go make a nice dent on the couch for awhile. Speaking of hotties here are a few for you to enjoy. I don't normally comment on the pics I post but I will on the first and last pics.
The first a beautiful pic...but...ugly at the same time. I love it, it's kind of disgusting but yet so nicely posed. I wish I knew where it came from. The last pic is an ode to a friend who I was emailing today and said I had no gay pride! Ok, I don't have time for gay pride! I'm wearing two hats at work as it is! LOl but I thought it was an appropriate pic. Hope everyone has a good night, tomorrow is Friday...TGIF! ;-) peace

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

...I was uninspired tonight, and then my mentor gives me good ideas. Brian is my mentor btw, he hates when I say that but it's true *sigh* he's ALSO my friend (so he feels better). Actually he is a great man and a great friend and if I would have taken his advice over the years I'd be blogging from an island in the south pacific which I would own! lol, he's a great's a glimpse of what we go through each night! I hope everyone had a great Hump Day, obviously my mentor did! I was thinking B&W pics today, kind of mellow. ;-) peace

oglalaboy: See, I FEEL I should blog...I got nothing...nothing.
oglalaboy: I don't think I'm going to, it's my wonderful world after all...shit.
Brian: what u mean u got nothing
oglalaboy: I got nothing to talk about..
Brian: talk about the cat
oglalaboy: lol
oglalaboy: our gay cat?
Brian: talk about ir dunb ass friends
oglalaboy: DANG!
Brian: really
Brian: im serious
oglalaboy: hmm...I could, but they may read this..
oglalaboy: I doubt they do
Brian: tell them that ur 'mentor' sed u need to get new friends
Brian: p-)
oglalaboy: LOL
oglalaboy: I should blog about my mentor...such a big influence in my life...but now he's getting old n senile and not much help to me.
oglalaboy: you always have the BEST ideas!!
Brian: tell then that ur mentor got laid today.. and that u havent seen dick since the last century..
oglalaboy: this conversation isn't going my way!
Brian: lol
Brian: tell them also.. that ur mentor remembers when u were gay
oglalaboy: ew! I am gay!
Brian: ur cat is gayer
oglalaboy: that "ew!" should cover it.
oglalaboy: lol, that he is...and he's a whore (shut it!)
Brian: at least he gets petted
oglalaboy: why you gotta be so mean? I had a hard day..dang. Get some and you get all feisty! Viagra has a bad effect on you!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


...has this great song out called Here in Your Arms. If you're from the 80's and grew up listening to Yaz and New Order, Erasure etc. You will love this song. If someone out there knows how I can stream a song on my blog please let me know, I'll try and figure it out (shit,I can be resourceful!) but until then all I have is their video I found on youtube. The sound quality isn't that great but it's still a great song! I think the lead singer and the drummer are hot! Yes I like nerds. ;-) peace

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Day of Rest...

...and that is exactly what I Not like I did anything exciting, just took advantage of the day. ;-) I watched a couple movies, a load of laundry and dishes...exciting, I know. Now is time for sleep and get ready for yet another busy week of work, ugh! oh...and some random hotness. ;-) peace

Saturday, January 20, 2007

God Hates Fags...

...ok, my friend Angela likes to make me cry (this is similar to a post I did awhile ago, but she's doing it again.) So, she tricked me into seeing It's My Party, I sobbed like a bitch on that one...while cursing her simple ass out! So every once in awhile she sends me Youtube videos..about hate, about discrimination, about homophobia...about violence towards gay people. Ok, last time she bombarded me, I blogged it AND THEN cursed her simple ass out again and that was it. Well, she's back it. She sent me the following video. The thing is, when she sends me these videos there are like a hundred more of the same subject and I end up watching them (instead of downloading hot guys for my blog!) and...well...I cry. I don't know if I cry because I'm sad or because I'm pissed. I'm pissed because to get beat because of who you love is's the innermost cause of ignorance. To kill in the name of God is such hypocrisy that it is laughable. If you wanna step up and fight me, fight because I said you butt ugly and your momma shoulda flushed you. Fight me because I spit in your food when I served it, fight me because I'm a pedophile or a rapist...fight me because I'm Bush. Have a reason, don't fight me because I love my boyfriend, don't fight me because he cooks me dinner and I think it's cute when he's late in the morning and can't find his keys. Don't fight me because I forgot to pay the light bill and they are threatening to turn us off and he's chewing me out for it. Don't fight me because we just bought a house and are planning our lives together. Don't fight me, because I'm me. Now the thing here is...I said the word fight, fight involves two people...I didn't use the word BEAT...I think that's key. It's key in the fact that if someone PLANS to beat me for who I love and who I am...they are going to get a fight...and I won't back down. Because for every blow you put on me, I will put two on you, one for me and one for Matthew Shepard and every other gay person who has been beat because of who they are...and who they love. You won't be able to beat that rage. I have, fortunately, never been gay bashed...oh yeah, I've had straight men come up to me and ask if I'm gay...and I say yes, Maybe it's my demeanor, maybe it's the look in my eyes like "say something, what?" I dunno. But for my gay people out there...don't take it...don't let yourself be intimidated...don't let that first hit be your last. Take a self defense class, learn karate..or just think of Matthew Shepard, tied to that fence and left to die. Let that anger come through..and protect yourself. I do not advocate violence or to be a vigilante, just...don't allow it. Step up. Love you and protect you. ;-) peace

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today's Weather.. cold! but these guys have no problem going without shirts! Tomorrow is my first big meeting in my new position. I went shopping for a new shirt and, this is going to get expensive! Wish me luck. ;-) peace

Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Monday the subject today? Not a damn thing. Work was crazy and if I have to keep wearing two hats much longer, you all gonna read about me in the paper come next Monday! Tonight the Golden Globes were on but I didn't watch them, normally I do but it's been a hectic last I'm not to familiar with the films. Although I do want to see Dreamgirls only because Jennifer Hudson has gotten more buzz than Beyonce. I like Beyonce, but the more famous she becomes the less real she is...and that's not good. Jennifer Hudson lost on American Idol and then did a movie, in which from what I hear, she did great in. That's skill. Happy MLK day to all! ;-) peace

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dieux Du Stade

Yet another video of the Gods of the Stadium! (NSFW) btw. So last night I went out to the local gay club here in Sacto and I had a good time. Danced my ASS off! I think I'll make that my new aerobic workout...ok...I'll make that my aerobic workout, seeing as I have none right now. ;-) I was at one bar and I was out back in the patio and I'm waiting for the guy in front of me to finish his order, he was smoking, hence being in the back patio. Well without looking he just reaches his arm back and flicks his cig on me...hmm. So I politely tap him on the shoulder and say excuse me but you tapped your cigarette on to my jeans, he snapped his eyes and said "oh, sorry" and proceeds to turn around and flirt with the bartender, who was not even cute btw! So I'm thinking whatever, I'm just out to have a good time. So after another few minutes, this motha fucka gonna do the exact same thing! Ok blogger readers, um...yeah...I'm a bit ghetto. I'm educated and all that..but still...I know where I come from. I'm only bringing this up because what is about to transpire may make you rethink that the Wonderful World of Leonard really is not all...well...wonderful! So I um, tapped him on the shoulder again and said...excuse me, you did it again. He snapped his eyes and said "didn't I already apologize?". Ok, as you can tell I TRY and be nice the first couple times, after, it's not even bout being polite anymore. So I said "Well I didn't go nowhere, and that's not the point! I've been standing here for 10 mins. now while you making eyes at the bartender and if you flick your cig on me again, you ain't gonna have a right arm to hold your glass I stub it and apologize with a bit more sincerity...or we gonna have real problems that is going to uphold both of us getting a chance to get our order!". I can be foreboding when needed. He stubbed it, mumbled sorry and took his drink and left. Fag. That's why I don't do gay clubs!! lol
OTHER than that, I had a great time and it was nice to be out. ;-) peace

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Carter Oosterhouse... fine! I normally don't do celebs, but the other day I had to take the door off my bedroom to get a chair out (and no, I didn't have to take the door off to get the chair in...Reall!) and I used a drill and then put it back on and I was like yeah that hunky man on the make over shows ain't got nothing on me! Then I was like what was his name again? So, I did research and found some hot photos...and here I am to share with you! On the other side of the Wonderful World is my job, it's nuts it's insane! I've been busy all week and last week, training for the new position well trying to produce in the one I'm currently in and I come home exhausted and I'm like, do I really want to go perm with this company? I mean it's a great place to work n all...but I'm lazy and when I actually have to's such an inconvenience! We'll see, I have about a week before I have to make a decision. Happy Hump Day all! ;-) peace!
p.s. Kendall over at The Way I See It... invited me to answer 10 random questions, in which I was excited to do so! Check it out, a bit more personal than I get on this blog. I appreciated the chance to share!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Cowboys Rule...

...they do. So my auntie calls me last week, she's coming out to visit from S. Dakota beginning of Feb. and she asks me if I found a place we could country western dance. I was yet. So I'm researching but so far, nothing. I mean there has to be ONE place in Sacramento where we could go two steppin! Yes, I do two step and swing...not the nasty swing or the Brian Setzer Orchestra swing. ;-)'s all about hot cowboys. Living in S.D. I saw some fine cowboys, the ones here are a bit to pretty get the point. ;-) peace
have a great week everyone!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Happy Thursday...

...Thursdays are great 'cause tomorrow is Friday. Nothing new going on here, my job wants to keep me until April, which is cool, but I really just want to go to bartending school..but the money is I said yes. Then, I heard a rumor my company is looking for something permanent for me within the organization. That's cool and all, it's nice to feel appreciated...but I really don't want to make that decision in April. So who knows...I love my life, it's Wondeful and I never know what's next. ;-) peace

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

And the Holidays are done!

Weren't they long? I love the holidays but it was just kind of difficult this year, so I'm glad the new year is here and we can move on! Hope everyone had a good holiday season and let's celebrate with some hot french rugby guy. ;-) peace