Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am a simple man...

...really, I know this. I like to think I'm educated and smart and hip and all that, but no...I'm not. I was walking back from FM7 today (Intel FM7=Building 7 in Folsom)that is where the cafeteria is located. So I'm walking back to my building and I get close to FM1 where I swipe my badge and I was thinking of Charmed and how I watched 13 episodes this past weekend!! I am so hooked! So as I swipe my badge to get into FM1 (building 1 in Folsom) I'm thinking why? Why do I like it so much?? Ok hot chicks and the pretty lights! When the blue orbs of fury leave the demons hands or the little bubble spray when Leo orbs, I love it!! I am simple!! I am attracted to shiny bright things! That is a horrible revelation about ones self! That is the same reason I saw Fantastic 4, Transformers, Eragon etc....special effects and the lights and magic!!
I mean I'm ok with it, but if I meet people and they ask "so what are you in to?" how do I say, um...kind of like a Miss America contestant...shiny pretty things!!? I mean, yes sure, I can talk about other things...but if that's my main obsession right now? that is soo not attractive. Then again, I am who I am...wear a shiny necklace and you soooo have my attention! ;-) Hope everyone has a great Halloween!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Dear Prudence...

...a random thought here. I remember when this song was the shit, well with people who "were mod" I moved to New Mexico to go to school, I was 19...I was so afraid and felt so alone and so did not fit in. It was an all Indian School, but they were from the rez and had like 8th grade education, I graduated high school. I felt so out of place, I had a dorm room with 4 beds and I had two room mates, they were never there...one night I missed Cali so bad, I missed my friends, I missed my life. I had this on tape and I had walkman "lol dating myself here" and I put this "tape" in and I remember dancing my ass off to this song! I cried and I laughed...it was my alone time...and yeah, I felt so alone. Just me and this song, I will never forget it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I just realized...

...I could never be a Vampire. I enjoy the sun to much! Was thinking about 30 Days of Night today (which I saw, gory!) and I was thinking of the Anne Rice books. I'm not sure I would want to outlive my family but I would like to fly all over the world whenever I wanted. I like the vampires in the Anne Rice books...they're so romantic and so powerful! I would miss the sun though, sometimes when I just feel down or don't feel well...I go and sit in the sun. It calms me and just makes me feel better. It's also nice to lay out with others. *grin* Happy Hump Day!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Gimme More...

...HILARIOUS!! How is everyone happy WW (Work Week)43! Yes, Intel has their own weeks and we are on WW43, I have been assimilated! Life is good, work is busy and I have some random thoughts to share. Although, before I could post those...someone sent me a video and through that video...I found this! LMAO! I guess this is a drag queen out of LA...this is great. You'll never think of Brit the same again (like one can), oh and Chris Crocker can SUCK IT! Britney Spears sucks, but not me...don't want my junk falling off! ;-) peace
p.s. Joce, this for you sweetie... :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family Guy...

...PB AND J!! I love this, thanks Joce for showing it to me!

Watch This

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I rarely, no, wait never..

...post anything first or controversial, but this...I haven't seen, www.godtube.com and I have to say. I'm scurred, I saw this video and I was like WTF? First of all Kendall I'm sorry, no offense or anything but just needed to say what I had to say on this. First of all, "you can choose life or you can choose death?" um, I choose life...oooooh but if I don't choose Jesus, then I'm dead k, got it. They gonna talk about how "Mohamed can't set you free, Buddha can't set you free, but only Jesus can" ok come on now...isn't that a BIT opportunistic? I mean talk about recruiting! Then they are going to say the Devil is going to Hell, um isn't he the landlord? In my culture there is no devil or hell, then they say "but the Devil doesn't care if you're Buddhist or a Jehovah Witness, he just doesn't want you to be a born again Christian". So um, all you Buddhist and Jehova's...you cool...you going to Heaven, he don't want your souls. Then they say "we are living for God" no, no I'm not...God guides me (or whatever higher power you have) but He guides me and my life is free will, my life is mine given to me by my higher power. Then they do say "you're sins can be as white as snow"...ok, they come in colors? I hope mine are a rainbow. Anyways watch the video, express yourself...I honestly believe modern religion will fold upon it's self and collapse. Just like the Druids, most of the Wiccans and other religions that didn't have a PR rep did. I think there are more vids from these two, but really, I heard all I needed. ;-) peace (oh and when I say peace, I mean it, no strings attached).

..oh, and I would so DO the guy in the hat. :-D

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boston Legal

Ok, so I'm getting ready to put on a DVD 'cause they are backing up because of my addiction to TV, so before I put it in...I see Boston Legal on. I see Candice Bergen on the screen and I love her! So I watch and now, I just watched the whole damn show!! I am never going to get these DVD's, but I liked Boston Legal, it was smart, sexy and funny. Tonight's episode dealt with a soldier who did 30 years in the military and then came out (it was MEANT for me to become a Boston Legal fan) and Candice (or her character actually) just gave the best monologue about living in America and how we are supposed to be this Democratic superpower but of all the countries involved with NATO just us and Turkey discriminate gays in the military. It was really good. So now *sigh* I have another show I must watch. LOL I am so lazy...hope everyone is having a good week! ;-) peace

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's All About the Eyes...

...been awhile since I posted some pretty eyes. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

Small Town Gay Bar...

...I just saw this documentary tonight. It was really really good! Kevin Smith produced it. It was sad, it was funny it makes me happy I live in Cali. It's about two small gay bars in rural Mississippi. Like really small towns! If you watch it, the gays there are so happy to have some place to go, it's like mecca for them. Um, I got like 10 places to go right now if I wanted to kick it with gay people. It kind of took me back to my teens when I was coming out, that feeling of acceptance. Only these people were not teens. Amazing how there are still gays out there who are not out to their friends and parents. That really sounded lame, but I've been in Cali since I was 13, when I came out. If you can, watch it...it's on Netflix. ;-) peace

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wagon Wheel...

Ok think of a wagon wheel...there is the center, that's me...and then the spokes..that's all my friends. Ok, I know a lot of people but they don't know each other, they may know OF each other but I don't have a group of friends. So tonight I was so upset, I posted this IM to friend (one of many) ok, I'm not mad. I'm not mad because my roomie got Kings tickets 4th row for tonights game from her GM at work. I'm not mad that she is a "on the bandwagon" fan. I'm not mad that her boyfriend doesn't even like Basketball and once said the Kings were a sissy team. SO I'M NOT MAD THAT SHE GOT THOSE TICKETS AND TOOK HIS SCRAGGLY MARRIED ASS TO THE GAME INSTEAD OF ME! I'm not mad, and I'm not going to say anything. Then she has the nerve to say to him "oh the gay is jealous"

Ok, after all that...she left me a B'day card in August before she left to London and it basically said, we will celebrate when I get back! Ok, cool...um...tonight would have been a GREAT b'day present! But she has a boyfriend now (who is not even a Kings fan) but girls are stupid. That's what I have to remember, um..yeah...that's what I have to remember. ;-) peace

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bionic Woman!

Does anyone else watch it? I think it gets better each week, although I think the blonde is a scene stealer and it's more about her. Which is cool 'cause ya know it get boring when it's just about ONE person all the time. Ok, time for Dirty Sexy Money! Lawd, I need a life... ;-) peace

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Columbus Day...NOT!!

LOL, I love this...maybe it's 'cause I'm Native American? Naw...he's still funny!!

Happy Columbus Day

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Songs of Sunday

Ok, I know it's past Sunday (technically) but this is the first time I got a chance to blog. Ok so the first song is Silverchair's "Straight Lines" I love this song. The lead singer is hella hot! Look at those eyes! Ok now the second song is also Silverchair...um does he look different? Like he got some work did?? Anyways, hope everyone has a great week! ;-) peace

Ok now does he look the same?? Or is he just younger? but not as hot and not as hairy and not as sexy? Hmm...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Lindsay Lohan

Here is what I know about Lindsay Lohan...Fire Crotch, alkie, druggie, spoiled hollywood princess. Really, that's all I know, I never saw her movies, I think she had a song I liked. Well tonight I rented Georgia Rule with Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman and Lindsay, it was really good. Here is where people can really be judgmental, I think of Lindsay as skanky ho (and maybe she is) but as an actress, she is really good. Oh, and I will lose my gay card over this...but she's hot! I think it's her husky voice. For my first "exposure" to Lindsay, I can just say...what a waste, really I hope she gets it together. Not like Brittany who has no talent and lets just let that mess go, I hope Lindsay gets the help she needs. Ok, kinda of a weird post...but felt it had to be said. ;-) peace

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Queer Eye?

Is this show still on? I'm flipping and I see the Season Premiere! A Man Pageant? Hmm....straight guys in a pageant but still looking hot. I guess this is the last season of Queer Eye, dang...I missed so much because I thought it was cool like 3 years ago, when I thought it ended. ;-) peace!
Oh...and here is something pretty, 'cause it's been awhile!